HTML Code Play Pro release on sunday

     HTML Code Play Pro will release on Monday (11/02/2017). It have many features compare with HTML Code Play (free version).
HTML Code Play Pro logo

1) You can transfer the code from PC to your HTML Code Play Pro app
2) Word to HTML (Edit your text like word document and convert it to HTML code)
3) Newly added many examples
4) SVG tutorial added
5) Ratchet tutorial added
6) You can fetch the code for the given url and edit it.
7) You can save the file in a single file (over right no need to save another file)
8) You can delete the old saved file by press and hold.
9) No need to open new code from previous menu.
10) Some design and icons were changed.


  1. Hello how I get the CSS file, of the given code in bootstrap tutorial, javascript tutorial

    1. Hello please tell how to get CSS and bootstrap file you linked in code during tutorial of bootstrap


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